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Newport Sings (formally the Choral Collective of Newport County) was established as a 501(c)3 non-profit oganization in August 2019.

The mission of Newport Sings is to provide opportunities for youth and adults to discover the JOY and POWER of singing in community with others. 

At Newport Sings, we




Newport Sings was founded by Elizabeth Woodhouse, a music educator/conductor with 20 years of experience working with community arts organizations across the country. Over 400 people representing all six towns in Newport County and beyond have participated in our programs, successfully meeting the mission of strengthening our community through our love of singing. 

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About Our Programs

Newport Sings offers a number of unique programs across Aquidneck Island, developed in response to the interests and needs of the community and that are accessible and inclusive. 

  • The Newport County Youth Chorus is the only free after-school, community-based choral music program for young people that does not require an audition or have a religious affiliation. 

  • Aquidneck Singers is the only teen and adult women’s community chorus on Aquidneck Island. 

  • QUORUS is the first and only LGBTQIA+ chorus in Newport for teens and adults.

  • “Empowering Voices” is a non-performance based class that explores identity through singing, movement, bodywork, improvisation, and storytelling.

  • “Community Sing,” in collaboration with Creative Communities Collaborative and Looking Upwards, uses group singing to explore self-expression and team work for people with disabilities.

Why it matters

Programs like Newport Sings are invaluable in communities because they provide a safe and empowering space for people to express, create and connect. Newport Sings is a unique organization that has created and developed programs in response to the needs of the community. In 2017 what is now ‘Newport Sings’ started offering after-school chorus programs for students in grades 2 through 4 and has grown and expanded in response to community interest in numerous ways, including offering programs for middle school students and LGBTQIA+, leadership opportunities for high school and college students, and classes for people to use singing and creative expression as a way to explore their identity. Newport Sings is committed to exploring new ideas and partnerships so that there is an opportunity for every person who wishes to to participate in at least one of its programs. Newport Sings helps participants and the greater community feel less isolated, more deeply connected, and musically, socially and emotionally engaged.


Let's connect! 

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