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Dec 26, 2023

Welcome to Newport Sings

We have officially changed our name

Welcome to our new website! You might notice that we have had a name change. Formerly known as the Choral Collective of Newport County, we are officialy Newport Sings. (New name, same great people!) We have rebranded and have taken on a coordinated approach to make our digital effort as strong and vibrant as our musical voices.

We want to thank Skills for Rhode Island's Future for accepting us into their grant program. Having digital marketing services, as part of the grant program, is so beneficial for a non-profit. We now have a greater online reach that will help us in a local and regional capacity. We were partnered with Tricia White and Kerry Aglugub, who helped us navigate through the process and bring our mission and vision to life.

Please visit our site and learn more about our amazing choral groups that encompass the voices of all ages.

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