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NCYC Membership Agreement


Although chorus is a group activity, successful concerts and chorister progress are dependent on each chorister’s active participation and best effort at every rehearsal. The Newport County Youth Chorus is a cumulative program; rehearsals are designed to build on the skills and music learned the previous week. While Newport County Youth Chorus recognizes that some absences will be necessary, our absence policy is designed to maintain the artistic integrity of the Chorus while allowing choristers and families room to balance their busy lives and schedules. 


DISCRETIONARY ABSENCES -- Middle School Ensemble 

Three (3) discretionary absences are allowed for choristers each semester (winter/spring) to cover absences due to illness, school conflicts, family commitments, transportation emergencies, etc. Significant lateness and early dismissals are considered absences; singers are expected to arrive on time and stay for the full duration of the class (90 minutes). Participation in all concerts is an important milestone in choristers’ training and is mandatory. Choristers may be asked to leave the program for the remainder of the program year if absences exceed the maximum allowed.


If your child cannot attend rehearsal, will be late or needs to leave early, please communicate in advance. To communicate a known absence, send an email to or text 303-808-2909. 



Newport County Youth Chorus strives to create a positive and stimulating environment for its choristers and to foster an atmosphere of mutual respect. At no time will Newport County Youth Chorus tolerate rudeness, foul language, physical or verbal abuse, or failure to comply with safety guidelines. Alert attention, enthusiasm, and cooperation are expected during all chorus activities.  



ILLNESS POLICY When a chorister is too ill to attend school, he or she should NOT attend rehearsal, particularly if the illness is contagious. This is an intended use of the discretionary absence allowance. For minor ailments such as a headache or menstrual cramps, choristers are expected to attend. Please notify the teacher if you are attending rehearsal but are unable to participate fully. 

CELL PHONES, IPODS, ETC. Choristers may bring their cell phones to rehearsals, but they must be turned off and out of sight during the rehearsal period. Newport County Youth Chorus is not responsible for any lost items that students bring to rehearsals or performances. 


LATE PICK-UPS Students are expected to be picked up at the stated dismissal time. Students who are repeatedly picked up more than 15 minutes after the end of rehearsal will result in dismissal from the Chorus. 


Martin Luther King Community Center Policies (TUESDAY ONLY)

Please pick up and drop off your child at the Edward Street Entrance (not the main entrance on Dr Marcus Wheatland Blvd). 

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