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Kids sing! NCYC offers free choral music education in Newport County

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Does your child love to sing? Are you searching for an extracurricular activity for your child that is engaging, enriching and community minded? Singing lessons for kids don’t have to be expensive or involve a lot of running around. Residents of Newport County can enjoy once-weekly professionally conducted singing lessons for kids. Your child will have the opportunity to perform in fabulous local settings that don’t require travel or expense to experience.

NCYC Choral Music Education - Singing Lessons For Kids - Newport RI
Join Newport County Youth Chorus’ FREE program today and give your child the all the benefits of a musical education in a fun and creative environment right here in Newport County!

The Newport County Youth Chorus is a FREE after-school choral music education program for young singers in 2nd—6th grade. There is no audition, and participation does not require previous musical experience—just a love of singing! With over 25 years of musical expertise combined, the NCYC team will teach your child how to sing a wide range of musical styles, alone and with a group, and even in different languages. In addition, participants will develop musical skills and experience how their unique voice positively affects our ensemble’s beautiful sound.

Clinical benefits of singing lessons for kids

As early as infancy, the majority of children appear to show spontaneous enjoyment of singing. For example, when examined in conjunction with reading and storytelling (ie: singing to tell a story), it was found that the more involvement children had with musical stories positively impacted their overall communication and problem solving skills.

Singing and improved musical abilities are intrinsically linked to language skills and memory, The benefits of music are so powerful that singing has also been examined as a form of therapy for respiratory diseases including cystic fibrosis and Parkinson’s Disease! Not surprisingly, singing lessons for kids can also improve pitch perception and hearing in all children, even those with hearing impairments.

Overall, participating in the arts (including singing) can have a positive effect on self-confidence, self-esteem, relationship building and a sense of belonging, all qualities which have been associated with resilience and mental wellbeing.

NCYC: Bringing the gift of music to our community

As we begin our second year, the Newport County Youth Chorus will continue meeting our mission of offering an exceptional choral music education program to the youth of the greater Newport community. In addition to fostering our children’s growth, we offer mentorship to developing teachers from Salve Regina University and local high schools. Together we are creating a community arts organization that serves and connects the many facets of the Newport county area by spreading joy through our music and offering service to our neighbors.

To learn more about free singing lessons for kids, and to reserve your child’s spot, visit or email Rehearsals begin the week of September 24. We will accept new singers through October 30.

To learn more about the Newport County Youth Chorus team, and how singing can enrich your family’s life, sign up for our newsletter here or subscribe to our blog at for more great information on singing’s role in our global and local communities, and how NCYC strives to be a part of that endeavor.

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