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For the love of learning: Meet Sara Lombardi

Newport County Youth Chorus chorus manager and Middletown High School student, Sara Lombardi has experienced incredible benefits through music and singing. Teaching through music is one of her life goals.

Being a part of a chorus gives our youth a chance to express themselves in ways that shape them for their future. Not only does chorus provide a creative outlet, but it also offers a chance to make new friends and memories that will last a lifetime. Middletown High School student, Sara Lombardi is one of the many who have experienced the benefits of music and singing. As a NCYC Chorus Manager, she’s already well on her way to a feature of teaching through music by sharing these benefits to our community.

A Foundation of Learning

English and History have both stood out as Sara’s best school subjects. This is in large part because both subjects reflect the complexity of our human experience that moves Sara so deeply. Her family’s own zest for these subjects certainly contributed to her passion for them, as well. Her mother introduced her to history from a very young age through School House Rock, and her grandmother is a historian whose home is full of antiques and artifacts—some over a century old!

In addition to history and non-fiction subjects, Sara also has a strong appreciation for literature. Her shelves are lined with classics such as “Of Mice and Men,” “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and “Lord of the Flies.” She also loves the Harry Potter series. Although reading isn’t one of her favorite pastimes, she’s working on changing that by marrying it with her love of history.

“Reading non-fiction makes me understand more about the world around me,” Sara said.

For love of Teaching

Of all of her teachers, Sara’s said her music teachers are the ones that have stood out.

“They made me realize that my life shouldn’t revolve around math or science, that subjects like music are just as important,” Sara said.

Sara began singing in 5th grade, and when she gets older she hopes to become a teacher with a focus on music education.

“Children are more fun to be around because their imaginations are more vivid,” she said. “I love how complex their minds are once you get to know them. As I entered high school, I understood more about how people act and learn and I wanted to be able to teach and change the world through my teaching.”

This love was cultivated when Sara met her best friend, a nine-year-old girl in her neighborhood. She was four when Sara met her, and she has called Sara her sister many times. Having this kind of bond and impact with someone younger than her left a lasting impression and curiosity for how the human mind works. All of this was solidified when she became a camp counselor the summer before her freshman year of high school.

“Being around kids makes me feel like a leader,” Sara said. “I want to be able to form a connection with my students to show that school isn’t as much of a prison as they think it is. I know for me the chorus room, chorus class, and my chorus teacher are all escapes from the real world, and I want to let students know that there’s always a safe place in the world of music.”

Young at Heart

Perhaps part of her love of teaching comes from Sara’s own young heart.

“I consider myself to be somewhat of a childish person,” Sara said. “I’d rather be outside playing games than going to a loud, possibly dangerous party.”

Sara also has a fondness for musicals, and the idea of acting out a plot through song fascinates her. Whether in theater or chorus, music helps her express herself creatively, both through singing and acting, something she’s been doing for many years.

“I like the way I can act out what I’m singing,” Sara said. “The concept of advancing the plot of a story through song is amazing. I mimic what I see in musical productions and act out songs from my favorite musicals.”

Sara doesn’t see herself as a girly-girl. Her favorite color has always been blue, but she loves it more because it is also one of her school colors. Her go-to NCYC song is “Zum Gali Gali” because she enjoys songs in minor keys with uplifting tempos.

A Musical Impact

Music has offered Sara a purpose—direction where she feels she would otherwise have none. In part because it has been a constant her entire life, music has become Sara’s coping mechanism for just about everything, whether that’s a breakup, or navigating the stress of doing important work for college.

Eighth grade marked an awakening for Sara’s experience with music. Through the influence of artists such as Selena, and television shows like “Glee,” Sara was able to bring inspiration into her musical expression. During this time, she got a ukulele and fell in love with it, and had the amazing experience of being a part of her school choir.

“Music impacts my life in an astronomical way and I’m glad I have the opportunities that I have to surround myself with music,” Sara said. “If given the chance, I want to spread my knowledge and love of music to future generations so more people can see the importance of music like I do.”

Working with NCYC

Newport County Youth Chorus encourages all children to find what they love to do, even if it isn’t singing. Because NCYC is meant to give these children the chance to work in a team, it prepares them for whatever they want to do in the future. Sara’s experience and zest for music makes her an integral part of that team.

Since its inception in September 2017, Newport County Youth Chorus has become an important extracurricular of students across Newport County. Participants range in age from second to sixth grade. To learn more about Newport County Youth Chorus and our involvement with the youth of our community, visit our website.

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