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Fall 2022

updated 08/05/22

Newport County Youth Chorus

Outdoor classes 

In warmer months, we may hold NCYC classes and rehearsals outside (masks not required). 


Indoor classes

Masks are optional during indoor rehearsals when distancing is an option. Masks are encouraged.



If your child is under the weather (fever, cough, sore throat, stomach bug), please do not bring them to rehearsal. Notify Elizabeth ASAP if they cannot attend. 


If your child tests positive for COVID or has been exposed to someone who tests positive, please notify Elizabeth within 24 hours.

Aquidneck Singers


All singers who participate in the Aquidneck Singers in person must be fully vaccinated. Proof of vaccination will be required prior to the first session. 

If you are under the weather, please do not come to rehearsal. Notify Elizabeth ASAP if you cannot attend or plan to attend virtually (if available). 

If you test positive for COVID or have been exposed to someone who tests positive, please notify Elizabeth within 24 hours. 


Indoor rehearsals

Masks are encouraged, though not required, when singing indoors. Chairs will be spread out throughout the hall for distancing and windows will be opened. In colder months, please bring an extra layer. 


Virtual Participation

Those who are ill or traveling are able to participate virtually through live streaming. Live streaming allows participants to view and hear Aquidneck Singers rehearsals in real time through your computer. Virtual participants will be able to see both the conductor/accompanist as well as the in-person group. The sound system is excellent and clear and includes multiple microphones throughout the room. While this method is not interactive, those participating virtually will enjoy a high quality sound and viewing experience. 

Link to livestream:

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